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Hormone Harmony Workshop

Do you suffer from mood swings, headaches, cramping, brain fog, sleeplessness, low energy, cravings, anxiety or hot flushes? If the answer is yes to one or all, than this workshop is for you!

This 90 minute immersive yoga workshop will help regulate your hormones and restore energy to your body and mind; leaving you feeling relaxed, joyful and more in control of your life.

The restorative and yin yoga postures will focus on the kidneys, adrenals, liver, ovaries, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands to help balance hormone levels and relieve these symptoms of menopause and PMS.

Cosy blankets, warm, woody essential oils and steaming mugs of our herbal teas with our delicious mud balls.

You’ll feel blissful an balanced. Hope you’re ready!

Saturday, 5th October 2019


Hosted by BIG4 Beacon Resort, Queenscliff.

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Litya and Pevonica Botanica