How To Find Inner Peace

article by Gabrielle Berstein(New York Best Selling author, motivational speaker and speaker and role model for go getting thirty-somethings) ELLE magazine  

LEARN TO BE AUTHENTIC “When we’re real, people resonate with us because they can see the truth. And the more authentic we become, the more confident we truly are. It’s an attractive thing”.

LEARN TO THINK POSITIVELY “Each thought informs your energy and your energy manifests into your experiences. Recognising how low level thoughts affect your life is the first step towards changing your experiences. Once you get clear about the blocks, you can clear space for positive manifestations to occur”.

LEARN TO BE OF SERVICE “No matter what you are dealing with- a job, a relationship-adopt a service mentality. Ask ‘What can I give?’not’What can I get?’. When you give, you inspire others to give as well.

LEARN TO ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT “Women have big issues expressing what they desire. If you feel bad about asking what you want, you put out a vibe that says you’re not worthy of it. Be unapologetic about what you want-own it and say it with confidence”.

LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF “It’s a choice we have to make everyday, because the world gives us plenty of reasons not to love ourselves. Be kind to yourself with your thoughts. If you catch yourself saying “You suck”, say,’I should forgive myself today’. It’s a way to reclaim the high level energy you need to be the best you possible”.

LEARN TO EMBRACE FEAR “Nothing’s wrong with experiencing fear-the key is not to get stuck in it. Even during rough patches, don’t feel the need to quickly shift to positive affirmations .Allow yourself to genuinely feel what you need to feel, and then be open to guidance”.

AND DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE “Practice this pattern for one minute; breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5, then release for 5. Even if a minute is all you have, it’ll calm you right down”.