OK I'm blessed enough to have spent the last few days on the Back Beach of Point Lonsdale... When I'm loving the beach life I often neglect the routine, like house cleaning and as I found out this morning when I looked in the fridge... food shopping.

So feeling a little tired and achey (all self-inflicted of course) I got the juicer out and decided to go to the garden to see what I could throw in my juice... The dark green leafy kale is abundant in m garden at the moment so I grabbed 6 leaves (it is no secret how good this stuff is for us), then I grabbed a little mint and parsley from my herb garden.

In the juicer went the

6 leaves of kale and herbs along withGreen Juice

1 lime,

1 apple

1/4 of a pineapple (that's all i had left)

I also added some fresh organic turmeric.

For me this juice is the perfect pick me up after feeling a bit (If I can say) "over-stuffed". The pinapple, Quercetin (from the apple and kale) and Curcumin from tumeric gave me boost of bio-active anit-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds such as Bromelain.

Green juice is a great way to alkalise the body, the perfect formula to free my joints and get me back out in the surf and to detox my body ready for my next holiday indulgance. 

Try it and I will see you in the Green Room!!


The Mud Team x