About a month ago I started to break out; sure I get the occasional break out here and there but it was never anything serious – never anything I’m experiencing now. It got to a point where my skin was so irritated that even my gentle sensitive skin care products were aggravating my skin….

As a beauty therapist skin is a very big part of my job, how were clients going to take my skin care advice seriously when it probably looked like I didn’t know what I was talking about?

After having a bit of a freak-out naturally my therapist instincts kicked in and I started evaluating my skin care and sought the right products to treat my skin.

Alex Skin Post

Lucky enough for me I had been introduced to the wonderful make up range, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics – The last step of skin care and the first step of makeup.

Pauline Youngblood, founder and president of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has been on a mission to granting woman the power to conceal and correct imperfect complexions. Pauline draws inspiration from her own practical experience as a paramedical aesthetician to dermatologists and plastic surgeon. Pauline was in daily contact with patients who had severely traumatised skin from harsh laser treatments, acne, rosacea and cosmetic surgeries. Such patients often take up to six months before their skin returns to normal, and Pauline simply was not satisfied with the makeup options available.

Pauline began working with chemists to develop a suitable option — a product that would cover raw, inflamed or discoloured skin, while allowing it to breathe and heal. This led to her initial work with natural mineral cosmetics.

"The concept of mineral makeup was great, but the quality was missing," Pauline says. "The colours weren't realistic; they were too pink or orange, and they looked artificial."

She began formulating her first loose mineral foundation, which provided excellent coverage and a natural appearance without clogging the skin. Pauline's patients experienced such dramatic success with her new formula that they continued using it long after their skin had healed.

The Youngblood difference –

  • Pure, natural minerals finely milled for weightless, adjustable coverage.

  • Soft, luxurious feel and finish

  • Creates a healthy natural glow

  • Idea for all skin tones, skin types and skin conditions

  • Contains Titanium Dioxide, a natural sun protectant

  • Made without Zinc Oxide to keep skin hydrated

  • Vegan formulas

  • Non-comedogenic  and non-acnegenic

  • Free of fragrance, oil, talc, parabens or artificial dyes

  • Cruelty-free and environmentally responsible


From the first moment you brush it on, you'll notice the incredibly silky feel, and a polished, natural finish, unlike any other makeup you've ever tried. Clean and lightweight, it allows your skin to breathe and it won't block pores or cause irritation. Even with our flawless coverage, you'll feel like you're wearing no makeup at all. And unlike other mineral cosmetics, Youngblood never looks "glittery"; instead you'll radiate a natural, healthy glow.

Youngblood products are incredibly easy to use, long-lasting, and stand up to heat, humidity, and perspiration, no matter how active your lifestyle. Whether you're at the office or at the gym, our makeup is as high-performance as you are.

But don't take our word for it. Try Youngblood today and feel the difference for yourself.

Love Alex xx (Youngblood Enthusiast)

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