“Mum, can we do yoga?” 


I couldn’t be happier than when my five-year-old asks me that question. Our kids face so many pressures these days that sometimes it feels as if we race from one activity to the next. When we do have quiet moments, it’s all too easy to look to our mobile phones and tablets. Even my 18-month-old likes to swipe his finger across the screen.

Yoga gives us the opportunity to center and focus on the moment. It’s not about how many friends we have on Facebook or how far we can go in the splits. It’s not a competition. It’s about breathing, and meeting our bodies and minds where we are.

Yoga is fun, too. We fly like airplanes, wag our tails in down dog, stand on our hands like gorillas, row our boats, and turn our bodies into bridges. We roar like lions and stand up tall like trees. We stretch our chests like cobras and open up our hearts.

We make shapes with our bodies—our asana practice—but in the process, we also learn about ourselves. As we practice breathing through each pose, even the difficult ones, we learn how to cope with life off the mat. Through yoga, kids not only develop an appreciation of themselves, but a sensitivity to others.

Beginning a yoga practice with your family doesn’t have to be fancy. Start by setting aside distractions and focusing on spending a few minutes together. Sit on the floor, draw the soles of your feet together to touch, and open your knees to the side. Flap your wings like butterflies. Next, lie with your belly on the ground and place your hands under your shoulders, gently lift your chest up. Look up to the sky and roll your shoulders back to open your heart. Most importantly, breathe in and breathe out.  

We look forward to seeing some more young faces at our 7.30am Saturday class!

Mud Day Spa xx