Summer Skin Love.

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As much as we love the sun, sand and sea unfortunately our skin is not really a fan of it… at all. Our skin endures some pretty harsh punishments throughout the summer and whilst there is nothing wrong with soaking up that sunshine and taking a dip in the refreshing blue water after the summer strain our skin needs a little bit of love to rejuvenate and bring back to tip-top condition.

Here at Mud we now have the perfect treatment for you, our Signature Microdermabrasion Treatment. One of the best ways to revitalise your skin.

It sounds a lot scarier than it is, but trust us when we say your skin will have never looked better. It deeply exfoliate and refines your skin with our microdermabrasion system. Using medical grade diamond tips whilst simultaneously using suction therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system.

We can - 

  • Unclog pores
  • Clearing imperfections
  • Remove blackheads
  • Congestion and dead skin cells leaving your skin leaving it instantly smoother, brighter and healthier
  • Faster skin cell turnover with the stimulation of blood flow
  • Allowing optimal product penetration to treat your personal skin concerns faster.

Paired with all the benefits from our most popular Deep Ocean Renew Facial this treatment really gives you that incredible spa experience Li'Tya is known for along with a more rapid result in the treatment of skin concerns achievable via the enhanced product penetration of microdermabrasion.

And yes, despite what they say you can have a microdermabrasion in summer! The skin needs to be exfoliated all year round. However, soothe and replenish the skin with ingredients that will counteract any irritation and inflammation and also to pack the skin with protective antioxidants.

We recommend the LI’TYA Marine Collagen Relief Gel and Pevonia Botanica Hydrating Sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 30.

It is normal to feel a little tight, red or peeling after treatment this shows us the treatment has been effective.

For the best and most effective treatment we recommend using our Pevonia or Li’Tya skincare products before and after treatment.

If your skin just needs a little pick me up or a little time poor, we've got you! Our 30 minute “Lunchtime Microdermabrasion” is the he perfect pop-in pop-out lunch break treatment.

 If you want more dramatic results, be sure to plan on multiple treatments. We recommend fortnightly or monthly treatments.

I Look forward to giving you this amazing treatment –

Haylee x