1. Make Sunday Baking Day

Sunday is usually void of any sporting activities so why not make this day a family affair and get the kids in the kitchen cooking all lunch boxtreats for the week. You should make it to Thursdayish and have friday canteen day.

2. Do your grocery shopping online

Not a fan of supermarkets or dread taking screaming, tired toddlers through the isles? Do shopping online while your little angels are asleep. You tend to save money too as you know what you want and are not persuaded to impulsive buys.

3. Freeze lunchbox sandwitches

Make up all your kids sandwitches on Sunday and label and freeze them. Just take out what you need in the morning and it should be ready to eat by lunchtime.

4. Organise your recepies

Put all those recepies torn out of magazines and print outs from websites into plastic display folders. Have one beef, poultry, seafood, baking etc

5. Amateur menu plan

Allocate the same meal to a day of the week. For example Monday night is spag bol, Tuesday is tuna pie. This removes the argument "what's for dinner?"

6. Cheats take away

Did you know that by the time you place an order and pick it up you could have cooked your own take away meal AKA Jamie Oliver style. Buy some noodle boxes and make up fried rice or noodles served in them with chop sticks. Taa Daa chinese take out.

7. Save your bananas

Got some bananas that just wont cut it in the lunchbox? Put them in the freezer until you have time to make banana muffins or cake. How about a delish after school smoothie with chai seeds, yoghurt, milk and manuka honey. Yummo

8. Double up

If you are cooking pasta sauce make a double qauntity and freeze one batch. So on monday morning when you already know it is spag bol night, take it out of the freezer and into the fridge and all you have to do is reheat and cook the pasta. Too easy.

9. Roast two ways

How many times have you cooked a roast and there's still quite a bit left over? Save it for the next nights evening meal by chopping it into small cubes and placing into a savory pancake mix and turn into fritters. Works well with lamb served with a little bit of tomato sauce. Yes really. How about make a shepards pie or roast meat sandwitches with chutney and salad.

10. Soup to it

Vegies starting to look a little shabby? Gather up what you have and make a soup. Blitz and you have yourself a meal or alternatively freeze.



Quadmumma (Natalie)