Just hearing the word massage can make you sink into a cloud of relaxation. So when looking to relief pain, tension or to even enhance your sporting performance you’re not usually flicking through a Day Spa brochure… Many of us have come to believe massage is merely a luxury service, emphasis need to be placed on massage as a necessity.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or have many sporting hobbies you will experience many physiological and psychological benefits from our Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage or Lymphatic Drainage Massage and many depend on it to enhance performance and maintain active through-out life.

Sports Massage uses Deep Tissue Massage techniques to ease restrictions and enhance mobility and range of motion. Massage is particularly effective in relieving pain from repetitive stress, overuse injuries and helps in shortening recovery time from injury such as a muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid and uric acid and other metabolic wastes.

Post-sports recovery programs can be assisted by massage by stretching the ligaments and tendons, keeping them supple and allowing for agile and powerful sporting performance.

Regular massage addresses the problem of chronic over-use injuries and tense muscles by easing muscle tension and enabling the body to sufficiently recover, maintaining flexibility and promoting healthy posture.

How often you should receive massages is very much up to the individual. People that suffer from muscular tightness may have them weekly to monthly.


One of Mud Day Spa’s favourite clients Shayleigh Chapman (pictured above) displays how a holistic approach to her surfing pays off. She demonstrates power and extreme mobile flexibility while surfing.

 Remarkably Shayleigh achieved her goal of surfing every single day in 2015… let’s see if she can repeat it in 2016!

Until next time..

The Mud Team xx