Cobra pose.

Are you waking up with back pain? Feeling your neck might snap if you move it too fast? Are your shoulders so tight you have problems to raise an arm? Then the copra pose might do you wonders. 

Cobra Pose 2

Many people hold their bodies in a forward bending position all day and that often results in a stiff back, a tens neck or discomfort in the shoulder area. Practicing the copra pose regularly counteracts the slouch that comes from sitting in front of a computer, picking up little children or driving.

The positive effects of cobra pose are manifold. The deep frontal stretch serves as a preventative measure, providing a back bend in the lumbar area which improves circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the spinal and pelvic regions. This way it decreases stiffness of the lower back and increases its flexibility.

The practice of this beautiful pose opens the chest deeply and stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdomen. It helps to clear the passages of the heart and lungs and can ease symptoms of asthma. The pose is also good for muscle development as it strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders and tones the buttocks.

Through the stretch of the abdomen the organs, specially the kidneys, get stimulated, improving digestion. The pose has shown effects on the nervous system, it invigorates the heart, relieves stress and fatigue and elevates mood. Several students also report improvement of menstrual irregularities.

Done with caution the pose can even soothe sciatica pain and strengthen the spine. The well-known yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar states that displaced spinal discs can be placed back in their original position by practicing cobra pose as it aligns the spine. In any case it is recommend learning this pose with the aid a qualified yoga instructor.

Give cobra pose a go and see the improvements for yourself!Cobra 1

Cobra 2Cobra 3

Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths.

Childs Pose1

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