Everyone wants beautiful, radiant, nourished skin, yes?  I was so excited to be able to test out a new aromatherapy face oil - from one of our favourite stockists Li'Tya - and it didn't dissappoint. It's like a beautiful skin therapy - in a bottle!

Li’Tya has just brought out their nourishing face oil therapy range, a line of 4 therapeutic facial oils with aromatherapy benefits that really do target and improve the overall health, appearance, texture and condition of skin - whilst also helping to combat the signs of aging.  The result is a radiant, nourished and youthful appearance. Just what we all want.

Each oil is made with a high quality base of macadamia and camellia oil which is non “comodogenic” oil meaning it will not cause pimples, clog pores or increase oil production on the skin even when used on the most oily of skin types.

As a skin specialist (and someone who is excited about this range) I can absolutely see the value our clients will get from these gorgeous products.  I have prepared answers to two questions below and will keep adding to them - so if you've got more - ask me (Alex) by emailing your questions to

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Alex                Litya Face Oils    


What will the aromatherapy properties do for me and my skin?

Each oil is tailored with specific aromatherapy oils that are proven to give benefits to that specific skin type i.e geranium is a great oil for dry skin and skin types like eczma.

Geranium is also fantastic for treating stress and balancing hormones - and can be found in the face oil for dry skin.


How do I know what nourishing face oil is best for me?

When choosing the LI’TYA nourishing face oils take into consideration the way your skin behaves and ask yourself the following questions to help you decide or come into Mud Day Spa and have one of our expert therapists consult with you to make the right choice.


Is my skin shiny throughout the day but not prone to regularly breakout?

Yes? you are most likely a combination skin type

Do specific products make my skin red, itchy or irritated?

Yes? you are most likely a sensitive skintype

Do I feel like my skin is always needing moisture and hydration?

Yes? you are most likely a dry skin type

Do I suffer from regular breakouts?

Yes? you are most likely and oily skin type