Exfoliation and summertime...

Although many look forward to a beautiful sunny costal summer after a rainy long cold winter, not all changes are eagerly anticipated. As different seasons approach, skin changes also occur..

Every person may experience varying degrees of skin change depending on your exposure to the climate and your skin care routine… but summer time often means excess oil and hello to blackheads!

So what does your skincare routine need to adjust to this change??

Using an exfoliator at this time of year is super important!!



As more exposure to the sun increases our skins natural oil flow it is more common for our pores to keep a build-up of excess oil and dirt that becomes trapped and turns into blackheads!

Exfoliating prevents this problem by deeply cleaning your skin and gently buffing away the dead skin cells that trap in the oil and dirt to keep your skin smooth supple and fresh!

Exfoliating and keeping the skin free from dead skin cells also helps your facial products penetrate into the skin properly so you get the maximum benefits from your skincare!

Keep exfoliating Mud ladies!

love Alex