Take a look at these five key tips on how to keep lipstick right where it belongs.. On your lips.


  1. Applying your liquid foundation over the entire lip area when applying to the face, acts as a primmer to create a base for your lipstick to stick and last longer.

  2. Clear or invisible lip liner (or any colour for that matter), is a handy little miracle worker and serves as a liner and primer to fill in your lips and prevent bleeding. Lip liner works as a barrier for your lips. The beauty of invisible liner is that it works for any lip colour!

  3. Lining the outer rim of your mouth with a nude or peach highlighting pencil will serve as a barrier for your lipstick too and give your lips some shape. This step can act as a replacement from your lip liner if you prefer.

  4. Keeping your pout moist and hydrated with a lip balm regularly helps with Feathering and bleeding.

  5. Blotting your lipstick with a tissue helps prevent Lipstick bleeds on your teeth as well as on the outside of your mouth, place tissue it between your lips and press your lips together. Easy as pie!



Until next time,


The Mud Team xx