“My friend and I love long distance endurance cycling.  So, we attempted a double “Around the Bay” effort in October 2014.  That is, twice around the bay in one day.  We rode from Sorrento, up to the morning start in Melbourne, down to Queenscliff, the turned around and rode back through the finish line and on home to Sorrento.  420km in 17.5 hours.


The highlight of the event was the Mud Day Spa massages at the half way point!  Seriously, this was a key ingredient to our success and I doubt we would have finished without their remedial assistance!  Going into the spa I was stiff and sore in the neck and upper back (given we had already done 210km I guess that was to be expected).  After the massage and by the time I got back to Sorrento, 210km later, I was feeling better than ever!  I have had a lot of massages in my time – never have I felt so rejuvenated and so free.  We will include Mud Day Spa in our next silly adventure”