Can’t Switch Off? Then Yin Yoga is for you.

In today’s world, there are countless sources of stress and worry. Sometimes it might seem like all of them apply to you. Coping mechanisms like eating or procrastination won’t help. The relationship between stress and your wellbeing is complex, but it is one that is understood. What happens in your mind directly affects your body. If you feel worried or frustrated, that negative energy will cause negative effects in the body. Over time, these negative effects can cause inflammation in the body leading to depressed immune system and illness and more stress. It’s a vicious cycle, but it is also one that you can break.

Being aware of your feelings and their thought patterns is incredibly important in managing your wellbeing, and Yin yoga can help you to achieve that. Yoga benefits both the body and the mind, and you need both to be in working order for you to have a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Yin yoga specifically incorporates mindfulness and long holds that are thought to stimulate the energy channels of the body as well as giving the mind and body time to rest, be still and slow down.  Yin yoga is the perfect counter balance to a very Yang lifestyle which is a busy, stressful and constantly on the go lifestyle most of us have.


Think of the stress in your life as being Yang- it creates instability. Yin counters that, by allowing you to let things go and act upon your stress in a positive way. Yin also represents connective tissue, and Yang represents pliable muscles and blood. Connective tissue holds everything together and allows your movement, but the adaptability of muscle and the nutrition from blood are also needed. This physical relationship helps to explain how Yin and Yang, or opposites, work together. You cannot have one without the other, and a balance is important.

Yin yoga also benefits the body in a physiological way. It creates flexibility and strength, as the poses are held for longer periods of time; nourishing and hydrating the joints of the body. This teaches patience, which is another example of how the mind and body work together. Relaxation of the body can induce relaxation in the mind, just as the mind can do for the body. Yoga helps you to increase your physical and mental wellbeing, and to learn through example how they work together. This knowledge will allow you to better manage your stress, and in turn your health and enjoyment.



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