At Mud our outlook is to provide a high level of professional standard to our gorgeous clientele!

That means we go to a lot of effort to choose and use the products that deliver the best overall results are friendly to the environment and are able to be adapted to suit each individual client’s needs…

Nail enhancements are one of our many services provided here at Mud. Our equipped nail technicians at mud have you covered with many types of different looks achieved from nail enhancements. From square French lovers to natural gel overlays with a shiny and long lasting gel polish finish, we can help you achieve your look for every day or every occasion.

When it comes to nail enhancements the question often arises should you choose ACRYLIC or should you choose GEL..?


Looks more realistic and natural. The finish is more glossy


Has no unsafe chemical smells


Lasts from 3-4 weeks


More flexible chemical makeup (if you damage a nail you won’t peel off or break you natural nail the gel will just lift off)



Quicker curing or drying time under the lamp


The after effects of gel nails are not drying to the nail bed and will not leave ridges or impressions on the nail itself



Gel is non-toxic for pregnant women



Less infill’s, lasting longer on the nail and looking more subtle when growing out

Tends to go on thicker giving an un natural finish


Has a strong chemical odour


Lasts 3-4 weeks


A lot less flexibility (if you damage you nail most often your natural nail underneath will peel or breakoff resulting in pain lengthy healing and sometimes infection


Longer curing time


The after effects of acrylic nails are quite drying on the nail and can leave ridges and grooves on the nail giving an overall higher risk of leaving the nail damaged and sometimes infected


Acrylic nails are toxic for pregnant women


They require more infill’s than gel nails looking quite un natural when they grow out


Here at Mud it was an easy choice to provide gel as it is a more flexible and durable with a natural result leaving no risk of breathing in harmful odours toxic to pregnant women and leaving you with no damage to your nail.


With love,